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Delivery Hotline > 416-751-4040 < Dial a Bottle Now !

It takes only a minute to order on the phone or order online! New customers welcome.

Business Hours

Monday to Saturday – 9:30am to 9pm
Sunday – 10:30am to 4:45pm

Please order items from LCBO, such as wine, hard liquor and liquors, before 8:45pm to ensure your delivery is possible as most LCBO locations close at 9pm.

Why use our service?

Call us to place an order for any item from the LCBO or The Beer Store. We pick it up and bring it to your door within one hour!

The cost is the same as at the store plus a small delivery fee added on top. We honor LCBO and TheBeerStore specials and we can advise you on any current promotions when you call!

You can order items from both LCBO and TheBeerStore. * $2.00 surcharge applied for 2nd stop.*

Upon delivery, the driver can take away your empty bottles up to 3 cases of  24  and subtract 50% value from your bill. We also take back wine bottles and cans.

We accept Interac at the door, all credit cards and cash as methods of payment. You don't have to go to the ATM anymore when you place the order !

There are no minimum orders. You can order a 6 pack, a mickey or 3 x 24s of beer. The delivery fee is the same.

We can also bring you mix, cigarettes and snacks from a corner store! * $2.00 surcharge applied * You can also order those items without ordering alcohol.

We offer a discreet service, without uniforms nor car signs. Special requests are welcome.

Delivery Areas and Rates

Dial a Bottle is now serving the Greater Toronto Area - anywhere in the city for only $9.00.

Here are our delivery rates:


Base Delivery Fee

Don Mills $7.99
Downtown $7.99
Downsview $7.99
East York $7.99
Etobicoke $7.99
Jameson $7.99
North York $7.99
Rexdale $7.99
Scarborough $7.99
Weston $7.99
Willowdale $7.99
York $7.99

These prices are all + HST

Delivery Map

map of Toronto

phone box
orders can be combined

* Orders can be combined from all three delivery options

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